The pictures below show our first collaborative art project featured at the 2012 festival and inspired by “yarn bombings” across the country. We renamed it a “yarn splash” and chose as our targets five models of fiber animals. Our unique display of Yarn Animals are made of plywood and each is hinged to a plywood base to facilitate display. Each one is covered with squares of knitted or felted, or crocheted fiber, and sewn together to fit the animal form.  They were created as a collaborative project by vendors, members, and individuals in the fiber community along with students at Edward  Smith K-8 S chool in Syracuse . We are pleased to offer them for sale. Please contact Mindy to purchase.



   Guide html 1f7ea49cAngora Rabbit $150     Guide html 65204183Lamb $150Guide html m6eb28e96Lamb $150
Guide html m6befba74Sheep $175 Guide html m392bc950Goat $175
Guide html m462ab722Alpaca $200 Guide html m562ea033Alpaca $200


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The Yarn Animals were put up for sale as the 2013-2014 Coral Reef project became our latest collaborative art exhibit. Please let Mindy know if you are interested in purchasing one of the remaining animals to promote your farm or business.