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2017 Festival
June 10th & 11th
10 am – 5 pm

Join us at
Butternut Hill Campground
6893 State Highway 20 in Bouckville 13310

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2017 CNY Fiber Festival Vendor & Exhibitor Listing

Our focus for the 2017 festival is on Spinning.   The RED color for the various vendors listed below signify the folks that can tell you about spinning, have spinning equipment, give spinning lessons, or have products somehow connected to spinning, and are not just sellers of yarn.  They'll also have a sign in their booth that will say "Ask Me About My Spinning!"  If you are interested in the fiber art of spinning, be sure to ask your questions in any booths displaying those signs.

The Map of the Site below this listing is followed
by a list of our usual Food Vendors 

    We have always tried to put returning vendors where they were the previous year in the large vendor tents and to honor everyone's requests as well. Because of last year's last minute cancellations, additions, new booth locations, folks returning after an absence, and others expanding, this coming year's juggling act is especially intricate.  The specific booth tent/space number may not be finalized until the week before the festival - and then is even subject to change as unexpected cancellations invariably occur.  So with that understood, this listing of vendors & exhibitors for 2017 is current as of 6/7/17.
 Booth spaces are numbered and tents are labeled A-F; outside vendors are listed as OV - followed by the letter of the Tent nearest to them.  Supporting Members are in Bold; Sponsors in Italics.  Note also the Food Vendor list and what items they have on their menu that are
gluten free or of interest to our attendees with diet concerns. 

     If you are a vendor and have questions, please email Viv or Pam (see the Contact Us page for their email addresses) as soon as possible. 

A+ Fiber Mill

B 9,10

Abigail McEnroe Handspuns

D 14

Aboundingful Farm

E 7,8

Acorn Works Fiber Processing

D 1, 2

Amondale Farm

E 13

An Enchanted Pantry & Mohawk Valley Suffolks

A 3, 4

Artisanal Yarn

F 2

Autumn Hill Llamas & Fiber

C 5

Barb & Clint Fudge - Spinning Talk: Spinning Equipment Over the Years

Fiber Activity Tent - Sunday 1:00 pm

Barbara Linsley

D 18

Betsy Fisher Baked Goods

OV A 4 Sat.

Boreas Farm Cashmere 

A 18

Butternut Valley Spinners

D 15

Carapace Farm Puppetry

C 8 

Cashmere Goat Association

A 2

Castle Tower Alpacas

E 11, 12

Cherry Valley Country Spinners & Fiber Artists                                                   

A 13

CNY Fiber Artists & Producers, Inc.     FESTIVAL OFFICE         

A 9 & 10

Country Knoll

B 11, 12 

Dan Tracy Designs, LLC  

B 5

Duchess Froufrou

D 16

Dutchayr Fibers 

C 13

Everett Farrell

The Music Stand  11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Fancher Farms Alpacas

D 11, 12


B 1, 2

Fat Yellow Dog Farm                          

C 20

Felt Goods          

B 15

Fleece & Fiber Sale

Fiber Activity Tent - Both Days

Garry Aney - Spinning Talks: Spinning Timeline  and Fiber Prep Systems

Fiber Activity Tent -Saturday 11:00 am & 1:00 pm

Gentle Breeze Alpacas  

A 6,7  

Golden Fleece Spinning Society

E 14

Goodview Farm

F 4

Handcrafted Creations

OV A 1

Hannacroix Hampshires & Lincolns

A 16

Happy Cat Studio

C 7


C 11,12

Herding Dog Demo by Jack & Dawn Cymerman, Stoneleigh Farm & Kennel

Herding Dog Demo Area - Both Days
Please speak with the individual producer vendors about the herding dogs they use on their farms.

Hermit Pond Farm 


High Bid Farm

B 14

Hoof n Paws Farm

E 5, 6

Hooked in the Mountains

C 6

The Imaginary Farmer

E 15 Sunday

Jake's Gouda Farmhouse Cheese

OV F 1 Saturday


B 20

LadySong Farm

 A 5

Liberty Ridge Farm & Gardens         

D 7,8,9,10

Llady Llama Fiber Co.

D 3,4

Lochan Mar Farm

E 19,20

Lone Spruce Alpacas

E 9, 10

Maggie's Farm

A 19,20

Marsh Mallo Farm         

B 13

Mexican Weaver

B 3

Moose River Farm

E 15 Saturday

Mountain Yarns

C 14

Namaste Knolls Fiber Arts              

A 17

Nistock Farms

C 13 

Pamella Wood - Spinning Talk: All Things Flax

Fiber Activity Tent - Both Days 2:30 pm

Peace, Love, & Yarn

D 17

Pied Piper Maple Products

F 1

Pots by Gail

B 16

Preston's Alpacas

D 11, 12

Rhodie Hill Farm

B 6,7,8

Sawyer Creek Farm

E 3

Serendipity Saori Studio

B 19

Shadeyside Fibers, LLC

C 1

Sheep Shearing & Fleece Skirting

by Jim Baldwin, Foxfire Farms  

Sheep Shearing Area  -  Both Days

Shelly Stark Smith Ceramics

E 4

Shirsty Cat Design

E 16

Spencer Hill & Rock Solid Designs

E 2

Spinners Hill Farm

OV A 3 

Spinning Bunny

 C 15, 16

Spinning Talks: Garry Anney - Spinning Timeline and Fiber Prep Systems , Pamella Wood - All Things Flax, Barb & Clint Fudge - Spinning Equipment Over the Years

Fiber Activity Tent Check Program for Schedule

Spiral Spinners Guild

C 18

Split Acres Fiber Farm

B 17, 18

Springside Farm

C 9, 10, & outside 

Stillmeadow Finn Sheep

C 2

Stitch Ups  

D 19, 20

Story Spun Yarns

B 4

The Imaginary Farmer

E 15 Sunday

The Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas

OV F 5

The Olde Homestead                    

A 8

Trinity Farm

A 14, 15

Twisted Wool

E 18

Walking Wheel Farm

C 19


F 5

West Creek Family Farm

C 17

Wheel Corral

A 11,12

Williams Fence

OV F 2

Windsong Farm                           

D 5, 6

Windy Meadows Farm & Fiber Factory

C 3, 4

Wool Tinker

OV F 6







  2017 CNY Fiber Festival Food Vendors

     We welcome these food vendors to our event; most have been with us from the beginning.  We expect you'll find something special at each of their booths. As with all vendor booths, we can not guarantee which products will be available but at the time of this writing, we've added a short list of the types of menu items the vendors expect to have.

Gramma's & Grampa's Kettlecorn & Lemon Blizzards 
Blizzards are made from lemons, oranges, & limes and the Kettlecorn is considered a healthy snack - These are made in Mazola corn oil and only a bit of Domino granulated sugar and just a little salt is added.  New this year are Bob's Walking Waffles - two 4x4 Belgium waffles with yummy toppings.  Made to order, you pick what you'd like to put on them.  Choices include powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, ice cream, whipped topping, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and/or a cherry on top!  Didn't I say Yummy?!?!
Mama Shep's Mobile Café & Catering
Garden salad of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, sprouts, olives, carrots, red peppers, etc. & dressing choices.  Hand pulled pork tenderloin smothered in homemade sauce inside a pita pocket & topped with homemade coleslaw.  Homemade chunky chili on top of all beef franks. Homemade mac & cheese.  Beer brats with peppers & onions, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and don't forget Nachos - with chili & cheese or BBQ on top! Bottled water, sodas, sport drinks, & a coffee/tea service area with a wide variety of tea flavors. 
Artichoke French  All food vegetarian All the time”. Artichoke French: rolled in flour dipped in egg wash, sautéed in olive oil, fresh garlic, lemon, and wine with Pecorino Romano cheese, Deep Fried Artichokes (gluten free): rolled in golden dip and fried in hot oil w/ a side of ranch and Louisiana hot sauce. Greens & Beans: Escarole cooked down w/garlic, cannellini beans & Pecorino Romano cheese sprinkled on top (Vegan is without cheese), Combo: Greens & Beans on the Bottom and Artichoke French on top, and Freda: Artichoke French on flat bread with olive oil, garlic and melted shredded cheese on top. 
Cream Cycle Ice Cream!
Betsy Fisher Baked Goods Amish breads, muffins, and other baked goods.
Cowboy BBQ Cowboy BeansCajun CornSalt Potatoes, & Broccoli Salad (these last 3 are Gluten Free (GF)), and probably Coleslaw. Then they’re thinking Chicken Halves GFBeef Kabobs with veggies GF, Pork Tenderloin GF, and Pulled Pork. Breakfast Menu: Egg & cheese Sandwich on English Muffin (plain or with Sausage or Bacon), Sausage & gravy over biscuit (possibly with scrambled eggs), Fruit cup, assortment of Donuts & Muffins (Corn?, blueberry?), Coffee, Tea, & Hot Cocoa