Guide html m46c840b3The CNY Fiber Artists and Producers joined the worldwide movement engaging communities in increasing public awareness of global warming and environmental issues that ultimately impact us all. Our collaborative art project was extended through 2014 as we continued to add to our own satellite Coral Reef. For a second year, we invited all those interested in joining us to make it a truly unique presentation.


Vendors, visitors, and friends of our group were invited to make one or as many items as they would like.  Pieces for our coral reef were crocheted, knitted, needle felted, wet felted, and woven – any process using fiber was permissible. Folks had a great time being creative!  2014 Coral Reef project


If you are interested in the background and initial impetus for this project and to view great photos, just check out the internet and search for “fiber art coral reefs”, especially the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef website at . Above is a photo of a reef that Mary Anne Stanton (one of our members) made for a class art project although it is missing a starfish that must have crawled away.


Our final display has been given to the Knee Hi to Knowledge Preschool in Oneida, NY.  We hope they enjoy it as much as our friends had making it.


Check out these photos from the 2013 & 2014 Festiva.s  We even had little fish among our coral pieces!  We gave each of the vendors a number of patterns and also passed out patterns to festival attendees. 


coral reef 1 coral reef 4
coral reef 2 coral reef 3