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Please join us at our Fiber Festival to be held June 8 and 9, 2013, at Butternut Hill Campground on Route 20 in Bouckville.

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Fiber Festival

With a second successful fiber festival on record now, it is time to offer our thanks to the people who made it possible. A very small group of committed volunteers handled all of the communication with vendors, found new vendors to augment some under-represented segments of the fiber community, planned new workshops, wrote hundreds of letters, produced ads and news releases, and handled the countless chores needed to put on a festival. We were pleased to have some new members join in the planning and grunt work and are hoping to see the trend continue! We are grateful to Mary Lou Thall, who has maintained our website as her donation to the project and to Craig Williams, who does whatever is needed to make everything work smoothly for us at his campground, Butternut Hill.

Twenty people joined us as supporting members this year, which gave us a good head start on financing the event. Four others signed on as sponsors, for which we are especially grateful. We would also like to thank the members of the Future Farmers of America from Hamilton High School and Madison High School for their invaluable help with parking, unloading, and admissions, as well as family members and friends who manned the children’s tent and donated muffins. Finally, we would not have an event without vendors who were willing to take a chance on a new festival and who provided an array of free demonstrations for festival attendees.

Vendors, members, and individuals in the fiber community joined students at Ed Smith school in a project to create a unique display of animal cutouts, covered with handmade knitted, felted, and crocheted pieces. You can find pictures of the yarn “splash” among these scenes from the festival.

Pictures from our 2012 Festival...