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2015 Festival Date:
June 13th & 14th
Join us at
Butternut Hill Campground
6893 State Highway 20 in Bouckville 13310

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2015 Vendor & Exhibitor Listing is now up

Vendors please check it out and let Viv know if there are any issues (see contact page for email).  Those that are Supporting Members will also be linked to their websites.  Entries are still coming in so it's not carved in stone yet.

Services Update:  Not all of our vendors offer credit card services but they do all offer cash (& some take checks) and we are delighted to announce that one of the local restaurants, the Quack's Village Inn ( just up the road in Madison, has an ATM now in their lobby and expects the provider to keep it there.  

I am also pleased to announce that our host at Butternut Hill Campground ( has added a Wi Fi signal booster and had no complaints from the dealers at their August Antique Show.  They also switched from Time Warner to Frontier and things were much improved.  Apparently tent poles can cause interference.  Bottom line is that Internet Service should not be so spotty at this year's festival.


   We are STILL in special need of Marketing Volunteers:  We can break the jobs down into small amounts so even if you have no "official" marketing experience, but can look things up on the internet and type, we can use your assistance.  Mary Eidt has graciously offered her assistance to help those get started in taking over her marketing responsiblities.  And if YOU are interested in helping fill Mary's shoes (or socks, or even a single toe's worth) in the marketing arena, please contact Pam.